Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★½

I'm finding it hard to believe that this film is nearly 14 years old. With film number 5 in the franchise due in a couple of months, those money-grabbers at the Mouse Factory will be hoping for a return to the quality and originality the first film delivered, as long as the cash rolls in. Gore Verbinski's first outing has aged rather well, as has Keira and Orlando Bloom, and it's still as entertaining and fresh as it was the year it hit cinemas. Considering films featuring pirates hadn't been popular since Errol Flynn's days, this was a risk, especially given the mauling Cutthroat Island got. Johnny Depp's incarnation as Jack Sparrow, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, was the catalyst for the film's success, along with a fine script, plenty of action, and a thrilling fantasy adventure with more swashbuckling than Errol in his prime. Depp's been going through the motions since Dead Man's Chest, lets hope the presence of Javier Bardem makes him up his game a little come May 26th.

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