Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★

When a film gets savagely butchered the way Jupiter Ascending did, there's usually a good reason for it. Cost, genre, the concept, and performances from the leads all become factors when the initial reviews are poor, but the budget is the one thing that instantly becomes the cause for concern when the studio gets nervous over a potential loss. Science-fiction/fantasy films seem to get the big studios most hot under the collar. Special effects are expensive, often very expensive, and this space opera is no different. Helmed by The Wachowskis, it's an ambitious undertaking, with a plot that's as ridiculous as we've come to expect from the Chicago born sisters. It is entertaining though, despite the presence of Eddie fucking Redmayne, and although I didn't entirely follow everything that was going on, there was enough to hold my interest for the 127 minute runtime. As you would expect the special effects are quality, the script truly awful, and Mila Kunis underequipped to carry the whole film on her shoulders. Channing does his bit, Sean Bean is a welcome addition to the cast, and Tuppence Middleton a fine villain, but just like John Carter, this polarized viewers despite being inventive, a little bit bonkers, and visually impressive. That script though, fuck it was a struggle at times, and who came up with that idea for Channing Tatum's ears? Not the dud I was expecting, but it won't rival Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars anytime soon.

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