From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

It's hard to believe that George Clooney's film career was in its infancy when he took on the role of Seth Gecko in the Tarantino written From Dusk Till Dawn. Directed by Quentin's mate Robert Rodriguez, the swagger with which Clooney outshines even Salma Hayek's heaving bosom here is quite extraordinary. To use his own words, he's a bastard, but not a fucking bastard, as he dishes out threats, curses, punches, and bullets to everyone, even his own kin. FDTD is one of those films that definitely is split into two distinct halves, both of which would have benefitted from being their own stand alone movies. A Gecko brothers crime film would have been epic, and even better if Tarantino had decided to take a few acting lessons beforehand. The carnage that transpires at The Titty Twister doubles up as a mixture of creature effects comedy/horror with tits galore and more than a few freaky moments, but an all-out horror film this isn't. I'd also be interested in how old Juliette Lewis' character is meant to be? She was 22 when they made it, looked a little bit younger, but chugged shorts like a pro as dad Harvey Keitel lost his shit among the blood-suckers. As you'd expect from a Tarantino penned film, the dialogue is snappy and loaded with memorable lines that become putdowns in future arguments, and I've used a few myself. It is a film that invokes laughs, both Clooney and Tarantino deliver some classic one-liners alongside the wanton violence and Salma's more than ample charms. I would say that this has aged badly though, the less than special effects are even less special than I remembered, but if you simply sit back and admire Clooney in his prime, there's still some really classy stuff from the former DR. Doug Ross.

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