Bullitt ★★★½

If truth be told, Peter Yates's "Bullitt" is just an average late sixties thriller.Far from being ground breaking or even that thrilling, it was compensated by the fact that it starred Steve McQueen near the height of his fame and a car chase that has remained iconic nearly fifty years later.

A procedural crime thriller that made polo-necks and trench coats fashionable, Bullitt is more than the sum of its parts. McQueen broods and looks manly, drives like a racing driver and gets to go home and play with Jacqueline Bisset, not a bad life for his character? McQueen's " Frank Bullitt" is a San Francisco detective with a brain. After a routine protection assignment goes haywire, a complex plot of intrigue and conspiracy involving the mob takes hold. Disregarding orders, he sets out to find who is responsible for an attack on a star witness and a web of deceit brings revelations as all is not as it seems.

A film that benefits from an authentic sounding script, it does lack a little pace between the action sequences. Backed by former "Magnificent Seven" colleague and poker partner Robert Vaughn, this is a good looking film even if it's not the most action packed. If you like cars and you like McQueen then this will tick all the boxes for you, if not, you may feel a little let down by what is considered an iconic classic.

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