Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★

If you ask Sir Ridley Scott fans what their favourite film from the South Shields director is, it's invariably either Alien or Blade Runner. It's hardly surprising, both are equally spellbinding for different reasons, both in terms of intricate storytelling and stunning visuals, but as the years go by is the younger generation still attuned with those choices? As the resident Sir Ridley Scott fanboy here on LB, I've seen every film of his, and only been left disappointed once. All The money In The World still looked beautiful, was elegantly paced, and had a decent script, but for some reason, possibly Mark Wahlberg's presence, it left me underwhelmed. Recent films from Scott have divided opinion too, everything from Alien :Covenant to Exodus : Gods & Kings, Robin Hood and Body Of Lies, but how many filmmakers out there have the balls to traverse so many different genres of films? I'm even a fan of the least successful films in Ridley's arsenal, 1492 : Conquest of Paradise, and Demi's finest hour in G.I. Jane, but neither Alien or Blade Runner make my top five Scott films. I love Kingdom Of Heaven, a true spectacle of a movie, and a film that never fails to enthral me, but I know that I'm in a very small minority there. So my initial question was this, does Blade Runner still measure up for a modern younger audience?

I watched this with a buddy who'd never seen Blade Runner before. He'd read and heard about it, but in truth he more of a gamer than a movie fan. He has however looked to me as a movie buff for the odd piece of guidance, and over the last couple of years I've introduced him to movies that I thought he'd appreciate. He's a rock fan, loves sci-fi, so I thought this would be for him, and I was right. I was also anxious to see what the 4K Blu Ray would look and sound like on my big tv, and it added it's own unique brand of spectacle to Ridley's film. It sounded amazing, Vangelis' score pulsating, and the picture was crystal clear, something that couldn't be said of either the VHS or the Dvd of this release, but it's a film that's given up all of its secrets as the technology has improved. So my mate liked it, but just to give you an idea of our different generations, he asked me this, "is that the same girl that married Neil Young a couple of years ago", she was fit back in the day?

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