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  • The Specialist

    The Specialist


    Sharon Stone's been popping up quite a bit in my film watching lately, it seems like her publicity in punting her autobiography around has drawn me towards some of her more well known films in my Blu Ray collection. It's hardly a surprise that her career took off following her performance in Paul Verhoeven's Basic Instinct, she was gorgeous, carried herself well, and had proved to be adept as a sultry siren with an edge. She followed Basic Instinct with…

  • Winter in Wartime

    Winter in Wartime


    When it comes to European films I'm normally guided in my choices by a few fellow LBers from the continent who help steer me in the right direction when it comes to foreign language films. Guys Like Krommedijk, who put me on to this one a while back, knows I like war films, Dutch ones especially, and this one lived up to the rating my mate gave it. Now my Dutch isn't great, but this is entitled Oorlogswinter in its…

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  • Outpost



    Eastern Europe was unofficially the place that Hitler's dreams of a 1000 year Reich came to an end, or did it? Well, according to director Steve Barker's 2008 film Outpost, maybe we counted out old Adolf's guys a little too early. You see here we have undead Nazis, and I know we've seen that before with Dead Snow and Iron Sky and all those other Nazisploitation flicks, but this one is quite cleverly put together given the shoestring budget that…

  • Insidious



    James Wan can officially be described as dangerous. You see I watched this on Saturday evening with Mel and my little dog, Gordon, asleep on my lap. Now for most horror fans Insidious wouldn't be nearly scary enough to be considered dangerous to your health, but when that first jump scare appeared with that demon behind the cot, I got such a fright that I jumped, woke the dog, who then in his sleepy daze decided to head-butt me on…

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