The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Very few films manage to capture the zeitgeist of the time, and showcase the era so well.
Having done so before with Fight Club in the 90's, Fincher again managed to convey an era and the people that occupy it so well.

Released at the perfect time when Facebook was at it's height of power, there is a strong pull that carries the film towards its ending and does not let go.

While I originally watched the film when it was released, I could not remember much. But above all what this rewatch highlights is how terrific Jesse Eisenberg is as Mark Zuckerberg.
He manages to make what is clearly an arrogant man extremely likable, and somehow I started to support him.
He uses his face to convey so many emotions, and while Aaron Sorkin's script is amazing with it's fast dialogue which Eisenberg is familiar with delivering, its his face that shows truly what is inside.

There are very few films that manage to be so perfect on all the levels that together make a terrific film. Be it the acting, the terrific script, the fast editing which compliments the fast dialogue and Fincher's direction.

Fincher's direction is so great, yet might seem unordinary at first. It lacks the hidden messages and background detail that is found in Fight Club, yet he makes the film move so fast and connects everything so well he does not need to.

And the ending. Fincher might be one of the few directors who's ending scenes are all amazing. Starting from Alien 3, until here.

Zuckerberg has billions, one of the most important figues of the decade, yet he has no friends.
And that girl...

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