Halloween ★★★★★

What makes this such a classic? What Makes this still creepy and scary? What makes this different? What makes this great? Halloween is, still, to this day, my favorite horror film. I can't find anything about to gripe about. It truly is "The Immortal Classic".

Michael Myers escapes from Smith's Grove Sanitarium on October 30th, 1978 and makes his way to Haddonfield, IL. He begins to target, and stalk a young high school girl, Laurie Strode, and her friends. However on that night of October 31st, evil truly begins to unleash upon the small town. With his doctor, Samuel Loomis hot on his trail and the town Sheriff looking for him, It's Halloween, and everyone is entitled to one good scare.

This was a film, that for the longest time, took me a while to watch, because it scared the hell out of me. I wasn't fully able to sit down and watch and go to bed without having nightmares of Michael Myers until I was 10 years old. There's something creepy and frightening about his mask, and the way he walks and his mannerisms that just always freaked the shit out of me. Like certain things in life, and in cinema, the mask is something that is always etched in your memory, for eternity. The score by Carpenter himself is another factor, a huge one too, that really propels the film. It's what makes the film, and I say that because If you watch it on mute, it's hardly scary, but that score is eerie that it too, stays etched in your memory. With tracks that send goosbumps up and down your arms and chills throughout your spine, it's a masterpiece of a soundtrack.

Sure the dialogue is kind of campy, but if it wasn't it really wouldn't make this that great of a film. It truly makes it feel real. I like to look up to this as a film I watch for inspirations during my writing phases (of which I'm going through right now, writing a horror story). It's one hell of a horror film. It doesn't rely on excessive blood, and gore(the splatter film times) and uses suspense and real scares, along with the score to truly scare the viewer. For $300,000.00, Halloween is truly one of the most Brilliant horror films ever made, and one of the master himself, Jon Carpenter's best as well.

I suppose that after watching this and still writing my script, I should probably do the other nine Halloween films. I guess why not, Nothing else going on now.

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