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  • Saltburn
  • The Shining
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  • Doctor Who: The Giggle


  • Tyrannosaur


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  • Doctor Who: The Giggle

    Doctor Who: The Giggle


    The hype has begun 

    What a fucking ride! I genuinely feel like my childhood is back! I honestly can’t wait for the new season which I haven’t felt for doctor who in years! I’ve had no interest since Matt smith and I’m not sure why but it is what it is! 

    Ncuti Gadwa is clearly gunna be a great Doctor and I don’t think there’s even a second guess! And I for one am gassed for it! 

    Also big shoutout to the Spice up your life sequence, it was brilliantly brilliant!

  • Tyrannosaur



    Not a single dinosaur in sight! I feel used.

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  • The Swan

    The Swan


    How he didn’t get hit by that train, I don’t know! Because 4 inches is LOADS 👀 right….

  • Saltburn



    “Where I accidentally fingered my cousin” 

    Wildest line of dialogue of the decade! 

    Barry Keoghan guzzling cum infested bath water was not on my cinema 2023 bingo card 👀

    Going into this film is best to be blind! And holy fuck does it pay off! Everything about this was perfect! Every single performance is beyond perfection. The awkwardness is crazy to the extent it makes you feel cringed out and awkward yourself, almost drawing you into the room with the…