Melancholia ★★★★★

Melancholia, from what I’ve seen from Diaz, is the first time his master skills began to show. He is no longer a beginning genius and is now becoming a cinema giant. The narrative of this film is unlike anything Diaz has done before and after, and is truly unique to his catalog. And after viewing this film, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is an absolute masterpiece. It is right on the cusp of a 10/10 score but I don’t think that it has truly blown me away to that extreme yet. 

Melancholia is a lot to take in for a first viewing. Hell, I’m still putting the pieces together myself. At its most basic, it’s the story of 3 normal people who go about their lives, who we discover are all connected to something unusual. But it becomes so much more then that, it becomes a view on sadness, politics, and human life. It is a truly spectacular film. 

Behind Norte, The End Of History, I’d have to say this is his most accessible. Yes the runtime is quite daunting, but man does it justify its mammoth length. This is a story I can see everyone enjoying. I think the closest film thing I can see this being similar to is An Elephant Sitting Still. 

The 3 act structure was truly unique to a film like this, as most long ass movies don’t have an act structure, so it was very cool to see it done in a film like this.

I almost don’t have the words for this film. It was so incredible and so much to take in, on revisit I’ll try to write more about this one.
This film deserves the praise it gets in almost every way, I cannot wait to come back to this one. What a fucking masterpiece.

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