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  • Florida Man

    Florida Man

    The Trailer 

    The Complete Fuckin' Film, All 79 Minutes Of It

    Dearest Letterboxd friends,

    I have released a feature film. I shot it in February 2020 in Apollo Beach, Florida with a skeleton crew and cast and very little money. I think we did a fantastic job despite the constraints. I love the movie. I hate it too, but I love it. It would mean the world to me if any of you decide to watch. I’ve linked the trailer…

  • Gaming Wall St

    Gaming Wall St


    Hey look, I helped make this thing!!! 

    Hi y’all - I’m happy to announce that Gaming Wall Street - a documentary about the GME short squeeze and our financial system at large - is now streaming on HBO Max. 

    I was a Story Editor on the project, and helped bring our characters to life and weave the narrative elements together. 

    I had a blast working on this documentary, and hope you will get to watch it and enjoy it.

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  • Speak No Evil

    Speak No Evil

    The lengths of which we go to avoid confrontation, or an unpleasant conversation. A movie that makes you mad, until you have to concede that the behavior you witness here, the passivity, is true. It’s human. It’s one of our intrinsic flaws, and those that don’t listen to those blaring alarm bells will pay the price. I’ve heard a saying that doctors will be the last to investigate their own illness, for fear that what they already know could be,…

  • Avatar


    I have never seen Avatar. I missed the boat the first time around. I’ve been waiting exactly for a re-release like this to come around so I could experience it the way it was meant to be experienced, when it was a cultural phenomenon that spread across the globe. And I’m glad I did, because I am a short drive away from Universal’s AMC, with one of the largest iMAX screens in the country. And it was a great experience. …

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  • Pretend That You Love Me

    Pretend That You Love Me

    A film made by Letterboxd user Joel Haver. You can support the artist and watch it on YouTube for free here. 

    Pretend That You Love Me is a visceral example of no-budget, independent filmmaking that rises above the crop of semi-improvised mumblecore films to bring something truly unique to the genre. Primarily a dating movie for much of its runtime that draws from different examples (episodes of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None came to mind for me), it throws a curveball a little over…

  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Watch Hide and Seek here

    Hello, my friends. I have a very special post for you today! 

    Hide and Seek was my first foray into filmmaking after three years of trying to pursue a career solely in front of the camera. Realizing the lack of opportunity for unknowns such as myself, I decided the best route toward eventual steady work in the field would be through creating my own content. I met my wonderful friend Salvatore Frederick while we lived…