Prospect ★★★★

Finally a sci fi movie who takes the seasoned viewer seriously. Clearly made by people understanding the genre after the whole evolution it has gone through delivering a solid intelligent sci fi movie.

One of the things that caught my attention and really stood out was the sound design. The person(s) responsible for that part should be nominated! In most movies, and it doesn't really mather what genre, we always hear the same old sound design. I try to put a finger on when all sound designers started using the same tyring formula but i think its save to say that it started after the transformer franchise and marvel movies.. Not with this one though! Finally somebody gets it..but seemingly seeing that "Prospect" is not a blockbuster sci fi movie, the unique use of dare i say it "realistic" sound design will probably stay with this little gem of a movie.

Another cool thing: the casting, some familiar faces from shows like Narcos, the Exorcist and The Wire. Nice to see those faces appear in something different.

I'll recommend this one to any other seasoned sci fi fan out there. Go watch it you won't be sorry.