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This review may contain spoilers.

Hi everyone. I watched this on Wednesday and I've been putting off my review because I wanted it to actually be serious and meaningful even though this is letterboxd and we're all just here to shitpost.

This movie is fantastic. After watching all of the X-men movies and the two solo Wolverine movies, I became incredibly attached to these characters, but even without that this movie is excellent. Cinematography is gorgeous; the desert landscape is so atmospheric and beautiful. The desolate setting is so apt for portraying the quite lonely, hopeless feeling of the story. The script is so well done, the dialogue carefully chosen and the story unravels itself through the characters in the way I believe good stories should.

The plot may be sort of simplistic, and not much is really explained about how and why Charles and Logan and every other mutant is in the situation they're in, but I think this is a deliberate and smart choice. I think it adds to the confusing, depressing, lonely world this film crafts. I think it also shows us that yet again, the cruelty of humans towards mutants is barbaric and never ending, and that sometimes this type of hatred and intolerance cannot be explained.

Or, in other words, MAGNETO WAS RIGHT!

No, but really. It's a heartbreaking story and as always the struggles of the mutants in the X-men world are very comparable to the struggles of oppressed people everywhere. It is a real fear for many of us that we may be treated with the same ruthless hostility that these characters are constantly treated with for no reason at all.

There are so many painful moments in this film, and I don't want to relive them all or quite honestly feel the full weight of them, but one of the most beautiful aspects of Logan as a character is how, despite the persona he gives off, he is an incredibly kind and wonderful person who genuinely has never WANTED to hurt anyone, the world and humans just made him that way. This is why it is such a heart wrenching moment when Charles is killed, when the innocent family is killed, all because Logan was trying to do something nice for someone like him, trying to be good for once (something he thought he could never be).

When he and the children are fighting back against the humans in the forest, and the head doctor is revealed to be related to Stryker... it's such a profound moment...the sad truth that as much as Logan tried he could never escape the people who tormented him, who so unfairly took advantage of him.

This film deals with so many complex, universal themes of human struggle. Intolerance as always, but also the often difficult, confusing concept of family, and what it means to have one. The relationship between Logan and Laura is so interesting, as we see a young girl who has been forced to grow up well past her age juxtaposed against a slowly dying man who has so much love in his heart to give, but is always afraid to because of what it's done to him in the past. It's complicated, but in the end when Laura is crying "daddy, no" while Logan is dying...well. Fuck. I challenge ya'll not to cry your eyes out. It's a beautiful, tragic moment that reveals the confusing nature of human relationships, especially parental/child relationships that aren't what most traditionally think of as parent/child.

The film also deals with the terrifying inevitability of death, of getting old. This is very poignant for me because it is one of my biggest fears (as it is for many), and I think it's very smart to have us look at it through the eyes of these characters. Think about it, you never see superhero movies where they're dying from seemingly natural things like old age, or Alzheimer's..and it's startlingly. To see these characters that we have always thought of as weirdly invincible, otherworldly, experiencing such human things. I think it's wonderful and depressing all at once, as it makes these beloved characters just that more real for us, while also making us feel even more pain when they eventually die, or when they're suffering.

Despite the overwhelming despair permeating the film, there are warm moments. Patrick Stewart as always gives a wonderful performance as Charles, but in particular he is so good in this. He's much funnier than he ever had the chance to be in the original X-men movies, and it makes him feel more real. There are also some excellent cute moments between Logan and Laura (and Laura and Charles!) I found myself laughing warmly during a lot of the film (only to have my world shattered in the next minute, lol). But, I appreciated it nonetheless.

I already mentioned Patrick Stewart but let's do it again: he's amazing in this. Hugh is too, as fucking always, and Dafne is incredible!! I really hope they keep her on as Laura and don't try to make a solo X-23 film and choose some older actress just bc they think that story has more appeal. Anyway. I'm getting off track.

I will watch this again but it will probably be hard to get through. It's such a great film, and such a great ending to Hugh's career as Logan (and Patrick's as Charles I imagine), but there's that part of me trying to block out all the events of the movie and just pretend that Charles and Erik are happily married back at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters and that Logan is chilling and wisecracking as usual.

No, but seriously, when Laura turns the cross sideways into an X at the end I fully wanted to die. Everyone go watch this and give it all the awards!

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