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  • Midsommar
  • And Then We Danced
  • Moonlight
  • X

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  • Top Gun: Maverick


  • The Guilty

  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


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  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    hey friends!!! things that have happened in the past month of me not being active on letterboxd: i passed my first year of my 4 year intensive film degree (yay!), i paid rent for my home (double yay!) and... i'm starting a podcast!! (triple yay!!!!) now the concept and idea and logisitics surrounding the said podcast are still up in the air, mainly bcos i have MANY ideas and nowhere to actively store them :p and i also run on…

  • 365 Days

    365 Days


    i think i wrote something similar to this when i was 15 on wattpad

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