• Return to Seoul

    Return to Seoul


    chaotic!!! I love chaos

  • Disenchanted



    enjoyably anti-suburbs!!! dempsey a fox???? that chipmunk was cute

  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    I forgot that Lola had the powers of Banshee

  • Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa


    hoskins makes grumpiness just so sexy

  • The Long Good Friday

    The Long Good Friday


    ah, early 80s london, the most ghastly aesthetics imaginable

  • The Music Lovers

    The Music Lovers


    ken russell makes some sauna-ass loopy hot movies huh

  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    feel very represented by Alan Bates' beard

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    I think it's nice and fun that the Talokans greet each other by holding their hands open like a lil shell

  • TÁR



    she’s real and she’s spectacular

  • The Hole

    The Hole


    maybe the best aesthetic a movie has ever had

  • The Omen

    The Omen


    the kid just wants to ride his trike or whatever. everyone relax

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    I am calling on all world leaders to fully repudiate the heinous actions of the blob