There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★

There will be blood was released in 2007 and is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. His work behind the camera is excellent with some great shots, and cinematography of the landscape in particular. This movie is full of fantastic actors but of course Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Deano give outstanding performances, deserving of many awards. 

Daniel day Lewis gives a sublime performance, he suits this role perfectly, and both he and Paul deliver so much emotion, and that creates some great drama. The movie also showcases the time period really well, however I have little knowledge on that period and the type of work that oil workers would do, therefore I did feel less interested in the movie than others. For me the story was boring and far too long, however that was only down to the types of movies I usually like and find more interesting. There are however 2-3 scenes in this movie which are a perfect scene for film:

1) The scene with the son and the oil spill 
2) “I’ve abandoned my child”
3) The ending

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3 ⭐️ this is no disrespect to the movie because I do believe there is a lot of exceptional things in the movie, but I did not find the movie entertaining unfortunately, and it did feel a drag to continue watching.

Do not let my review put you off this movie, because I can see why this is so highly regarded, just unfortunately not for me.

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