The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★½

The forever purge was released recently in cinema in the Uk (2021), and is directed by Everado Gaut. The movie stars a lesser known cast of Ana de La Reguera, Leven Rambin, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta and many more. 

This movie is the 5th in the Purge franchise and is a solid movie in my opinion. I do not think you need to have seen the other Purge movies to see this one, however I do enjoy this as a franchise. The film has a basic premise of there being a full day or purgery, where everyone can commit any crimes they want for a full day, the idea is too restore some order and the USA after the day. However unlike the rest of the franchise this movie focuses on the immediate day after the Purge day. 

There is a group of USA citizens who still continue a life with crime even after the purge is over because they believe the USA should be resorted and go back to having only USA citizens in the country. This means they take active violent action to remove and kill any immigrants and non American people. This causes chaos and a complete lack of control over the country. 

We follow a group of Mexican’s followed by a few USA citizens who all band together to try and escape from the USA without being attacked and killed. The journey this group of non American’s go on in exciting and entertaining too watch, as they avoid lots of dangerous situations as well as build relationships between themselves. This leads to some good action shots particularly when the Mexicans come up against the USA purgery group. The violence in this movie was not really gory or bringing anything new although there was a few good scares and violent kills which was entertaining. 

My main criticism for the movie is that it is too predictable and I feel like a lot of the tension was lost especially near the end of the film because the story felt predictable for me which did ruin any expectations I had. Seeing the Mexicans work with some of the USA people was nice too see and showed unity against the horrific people who were racist and discriminatory. The ending of the film was good as the Mexicans became ruthless to get the job they needed to be done. The movie ending set up nicely for a potential 6th film in the franchise which I would welcome and look forward too, as I see these films as fun and entertaining, with some horror and action involved. 

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3 and a 1/2 ⭐️ I enjoyed this film as it was entertaining and the action scenes were good, some of the kills and plot could have been slightly altered too keep it a little fresh, although I had a good time, and was entertained throughout. 

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