Last Christmas

Last Christmas ★★★

Last Christmas was released in 2019 and was directed by Paul Feig. The movie stars Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yoeh, Emma Thompson and many more. 

The movie is all about a Christmas Elf worker who does not feel the Christmas spirit and has a huge passion for singing, until she meets a new man (Tom) can he help bring the Christmas spirit to the Elf worker. 

This movie is a classic Christmas and feel good movie, it is a typical story which can be seen as cliche. However with it being a Christmas movie, we feel all the happiness and joy that the relationship brings for the couple and in particular the singer, as she had never felt the spirit beforehand. The comedy in this movie is okay, it can be abit hit and miss however though, the songs are good Christmas feel good songs and help bring happiness into the movie, particularly the ending. There is also some emotional moments when we see what happened with the couple. Emilia Clarke does a good job in the movie and her chemistry with Henry Golding brings some happiness to the movie.

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3 ⭐️ and would recommend for either a family or a couple to watch too get into the mood for Christmas, definitely not our of the ordinary; but a good Christmas film non the less. 

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