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This review may contain spoilers.

I loved this film on my first watch and I still really enjoy it on rewatch, but I definitely notice the flaws more on the second time round. The acting is mostly really good though I noticed a couple of times that the line delivery was a little bit weak in a couple of places and could have done with another take being done. The first act was absolutely excellent, the action is wonderful, everything is exhilarating and the use of flashbacks is really well done. The second act is bigger on plot and it mostly works apart from a few inconsistencies like how quickly Tony Leung's villain goes from being fine with his child to straight up trying to attack him just because Shang was like, "hey dad mass genocide isn't cool." The final fight starts off extremely well with some nice well choreographed action but it descends into the usual cgi extravaganza of mavvel films, which looks mostly decent, but gets a bit too much and not as enjoyable as the other action. This was my parents first time watching it and they both thoroughly enjoyed it but my dad had a few more criticisms which I didn't pick up on. Firstly, he said that Tony Leung didn't look as sinister as he would have liked, he was very critical of the cgi action even more than me. He described the action as really amazing at the start but the final fight is quite bland. He said he would've liked the characters to be more developed and he wanted to see more of the training between Katy and the bowmaster fleshed out. But he also understands that this is a marvel film so indepth character relationships aren't really a thing included in these films. He also said whilst he liked the score it was quite repetitive at times and he felt like there was an over reliance on synthesisers instead of pure orchestral music. Both of my parents loved the humour and especially Ben Kingsley's role in the film. We all agreed on the fact that the film was incredibly fun and a great one for families. However, at the same time it could have had a better final fight with less of the reliance on the standard cgi heavy fight sequences and with better character development.
My Overall Rating: 8/10.
My Mum's Overall Rating: 8/10.
My Dad's Overall Rating: 7/10.

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