The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★

*hits weed pen a little too long*

Alright, I'm ready for a Panos Cosmatos movie. Bunch of famous randos meeting for mysterious reasons in a spooky parking garage. Rockin-ass van revving up outta nowhere. Synth mountains looming over the neon-tinged landscape. 80s brutalist futurism galore. Buckaroo Bonzai Robocop bugfucking Bill Lee billionaire handing out weed, blow, and a little bit more right off the bat, holy crap. I need to catch up to these guys! Alas, kiddo has school in the morning and I'm already too high to move from the sofa - and right when we start sliding into a warped D.A.R.E. commercial this minimalist little weird flick flips into the gnarly territory I just knew it was hiding under the surface. Vivid gut tugging cosmic climax. Messy, face melting birth sequence for the ages. The unknowable becomes flesh and the nebulous tension crystalizes into terror, giving way to a shamelessly goopy survival action gore crescendo.

This was my intro to the new Del Toro anthology series, Cabinet of Curiosities. It's like the seventh episode but I had to see it first, with the guy who made psychedelic masterpiece Mandy behind it. I'm pretty excited to see more but I'm tempering my expectations - doubtful any will feel this much up my alley but I welcome them to try! I mean, Oneohtrix Point Never himself, Daniel Lopatin did the score. You can't get more exactly-my-tastes than that. What the hell. I really hope he works with Cosmatos for his next feature!

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