The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

Arkham City + Night Moves + Body Double + (Se7en + Zodiac + Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) + one pinch of Equilibrium = The Batman

I watched The Batman a second time, confirmed that I think it's one of the best cinematic outings for the caped crusader, meshing some of my favorite aspects and aesthetics from the recent, excellent Arkham video games along with downbeat 1970s neo noirs and a trio of Fincher classics (seriously, Reeves has a thing for the guy and I don't blame him for taking such obvious inspiration). Plus that great fight scene in a dark hallway, lit only by muzzle flashes as Batman stomps a crowd of goons, ripped straight out of one of the best scifi b-movies of the early 2000s. Chef's kiss material right there.

Anyway I did a real review my first time, so check that out if you're curious about my full thoughts beyond this silly episode of movie math.

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