Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★

the only thing i am emotionally prepared to say about The Snyder Cut at this time is that it contains a shot of a computer-generated sesame seed flying off a hot dog bun* in ultra slow-motion, so i think ~the real fans~ will feel like this was worth the wait.

*maybe it’s a bagel? i can’t remember. more importantly, it’s not for me to say - let the fans decide.

……okay okay i'll say this: the first hour actually made me appreciate what Snyder was going for. the second and third hours reaffirmed just how misguided it was for ~anyone~ to make a Justice League movie without setting up The Flash (REAL bad), Cyborg (reeeeeaALL bad), and Aquaman (my man!) first. the fourth hour is the superhero movie fan service equivalent of the fox from Antichrist eating itself alive in real-time. when chaos reigns, it pours.

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