A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★½

***THIS IS A (very long) INTERVIEW WITH DAVID LOWERY, ROONEY MARA, ROBERT GREENE, & TOBY HALBROOKS ABOUT THE MAKING OF A GHOST STORY. the fact that i loved this movie enough to take the time to write this during the insanity of Sundance is the best review i can give.***

There are roughly 72 hours until the Sundance premiere of David Lowery’s latest feature, but I already know that one pivotal scene — in which a bereaved Rooney Mara devours an entire pie during the course of a five-minute long-take — will be the talk of the festival. “She did one take of eating the whole thing,” Lowery smiles at me from across the table in the Park City Marriott where we’re having coffee, “preceded by two takes of her coming into the house and eating the first couple of bites. So she ate a lot of pie.”

I press for more details. “It was a chocolate pudding pie. Vegan. Very low sugar content. I believe the crust was gluten-free,” he said. “Rooney told me beforehand that she had never had pie in her life, so it was a first in many regards.” Lowery looks to his right, checking to see if friend, producer, sometime co-writer and full-time wizard Toby Halbrooks has anything to add, but Halbrooks just shakes his head. Lowery turns back to me: “I think she enjoyed it.”