WandaVision ★★★★

Not sure how it'll breathe on a re-watch - the screenwriters are not dumb, and I'm sure left bread crumbs that will be fun to discover. But my first impression after the second post-credits scene (of course) rolled was: They did it! They figured out how to follow the pace of a Marvel arc or crossover, with different beats than a movie or a normal mini-series.

It became fashionable to love this, then fashionable to hate the people who loved it. The haters were, I thought, too cynical about the basic premise: Why shouldn't a superhuman with the power to get what she wants just go ahead and do it? It's a premise as old as "I Married a Witch," and the screenplays avoid the usual cliche (punishing the witch by giving her a "normal," no-powers life) in a way that you'll love if you're approaching it earnestly, and you'll hate if you know that the mega-company behind this wants to keep its IP alive for as long as possible.

As mass-market sci-fi, it's a success, and the little touches (like how the "real" town is a dingy version of the Disney lot fantasy town) overwhelm the IP-service stuff (the Monica Rambeau origin story is by far the most telegraphed part of this). And I’ve made my peace with how they’re not committing, yet, to portraying Wanda as selfishly destructive. This is the second disaster she’s caused and gotten away with for being a nice lady with big eyes!

Still: If the MCU must exist, it should at least be this fun to watch.