The Kid Detective ★★★★

Someone drilled deep into my brain and rooted around to find my obsession with The Long Goodbye (and all things Neo noir) and my nearly two decade long unending reserve of Adam Brody appreciation and made this incredibly enjoyable DEEPLY Canadian movie that just fucking WORKS, baby!

The whole thing lives or dies on Brody’s performance. It’s (close but) not enough that he literally has the exact same haircut as Elliott Gould’s Marlowe, he also has to sell the loneliness, washed uppedness, alcoholism, and desperation that his predecessors (Gould, Gene Hackman, Bob Hoskins?), knocked out of the park. Folks, as a former Encyclopedia Brown-esque wunderkind turned below average 31 yr old detective... HE’S GOT THE GOODS! Even when things turn suddenly extremely dark, he handles the shift with ease.

This is a tidy, fitfully funny, deeply sad, and oddly affecting little film with a hell of a lead role at the center. There is maybe one other actor who rises to his level in this and saying who it is might spoil something for you, so I’ll just say that not putting Adam Brody in everything is a mistake. Between this and Ready Or Not, the guy is BACK. Get ready. 

Also the script is fun and tight and the direction is solid and not too showy. But mostly it’s Brody’s show and I’m just glad I got to see it.

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