Nobody ★★★½

Turns out what the now tired dad/older man pushed to the brink seeking vengeance genre needed wasn’t a parody but just a competent new entry starring someone who is able to land 3-5 solid jokes. The mere presence of Bobby Odenkirk in something like this is enough to elicit a chuckle, and he walks the line nicely here. He’s just a naturally funny goof who sells the hell out of this movie a solid 85% of the runtime (there’s a few moments that conjure up Mr. Show’s many perfect movie genre sketches including the one where he’s holding someone hostage and looks like Bruce Willis in Die Hard).

This mostly works even though the sheer fact that they actually made it occasionally overshadows the film itself. You’ll be watching it and even enjoying it and then out of nowhere, you’re hit with "wow I’m watching a studio action movie starring Slippin Jimmy McGill!" Overall it’s well-paced and well acted even if it does fall into the trap of “shit who are the villains uhhh shit I dunno the Russian Mob?”

Also for Odenkirk completists, he does utter a classic “COME ON!” or two. Feels like a nice little nod to the comedy dorks who can name every pre-breaking bad credit of his. Not me though. I’m no dork. I’m a cool guy of course. Leather jackets and toothpicks, that’s me!

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