The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★

I honestly don’t get the hype for this one at all. I found this to just be an okay movie that didn’t really do anything special at all. It tells a story that’s very familiar with characters that are basic. Nothing about this screamed incredible and I was waiting for it to have its moment where it blew my mind away but it never came. 

The one thing I’ll respect here is that the action is pretty good. It’s refreshing to see action being done without special effects and actually using talent. Also the score for this one sounded really good too. 

There was just too much going against this. The acting was questionable at times with some of the leads. Plus there are times where the film tone goes all over the place and can’t keep being consistent on how you should feel. 

Times like this I wished I could be like everybody else and loved this. But honestly I didn’t think this was very good. It’s just okay for what it was.

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