The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

So to start this review off I’ll admit I’m a Stan of Robert Eggers and his works. Which I’m very aware makes me really basic film bro because they love and adore all his movies to death. But honestly ever since I sat down to watch the witch in theaters I’ve fell in love with his style and works. Now I wasn’t as big as a fan of the lighthouse but I respect it. 

You can guess about how excited I was to watch the Northman and I went to this as blind as possible which made this a treat to watch. I managed to be impressed by the story that gets told here but also the action scenes here are impressive. This managed to get the Viking feeling down right and for that reason I just managed to be super into it. Plus stuff like the score was so good. 

From the production stand point this is impressive though at times it feels a bit too green screened here especially in the night scenes. But I was in love with the camera work here and there are so many long shots that happen that stunned me cause of how action heavy this was. I also loved how the film always looked too. 

This is why I love cinema and I loved that I had a blast watching this from start to finish. Check this out if you can.

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