The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★★

~Spooky fest 2021~ 

This film will always be watched in October. It’s honestly a horror film that I deeply love and appreciate so much there. I don’t get why people passionately hate this one and what confuses me more is when people say this film is poorly edited and shot!!! Like I seen really badly edited films and this isn’t but I’ll say it’s just slightly long. Also the sound mixing and use of sound is top tier!! But my favorite thing is the score which is so good. 

I know this won’t be an experience for everybody because it’s really long. Plus when I watched this with a sold out crowd last year I saw the whole theater walked out which is the weirdest experience I ever had for a film. 

Please seek this out if you ever get a chance and I love this film a lot. It doesn’t deserve the hate it’s has.

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