Malignant ★★★★★

You know, I really underrated this the first time around. Especially now that I go back to thinking about how last year went with horror films, this movie slaps and is so good. It’s not every year where you get something so creative and unique from the horror side of things but this movie does a backflip and more to be something different. We need a malignant cinematic universe to be honest. 

This movie is also the perfect trans horror movie and if you think about it. It’s actually is a trans horror film. Stuff like this is why I do have a lot of respect for this movie. But it’s also in the nerdy technical details where this really shines too with amazing camera work plus the way things are staged are really good. In a way I’m impressed this got greenlit because everything about this movie just doesn’t cater to people that don’t like something different. 

Honestly my mind is just lost on talking about this. Though this does work on rewatch because all the buildup and set up this does really pays off really well. Stuff like lighting and the action is very well shot. Only thing about this movie I don’t love is I feel like the exposition dumps are handled in a way that slows down the pacing. Glad it pays off but I wish it was done better. 

Please watch this whenever you get a chance to do so.

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