M3GAN ★★★★

A very goofy but fun movie that felt like it was made just for me. Everything about this I was just into with its campy vibes that it’s very aware of and how it’s just having fun with itself as the runtime goes on. While this might not be a film for everybody, I’ll take it as it is because this was great. Even if it’s very similar to that child play reboot that happened a few years back. 

I do think the first act isn’t great for this and it failed to grab my attention. Thankfully once m3gan comes into the story everything just clicked from the comedy to the pacing/story. The film really did find its footing. Also I do wish this had a higher budget because the small budget is really felt at times during this. 

Otherwise there was 4 different moments in this I was cheering for that were iconic. While I do wish it was the R rated cut the pg-13 cut does okay with the gore for a bit. I’ll be checking out the R rated version when it becomes available. 

This is cinema and so much fun to watch. A banger way to start 2023 with.

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