Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

My birthday film I decided to watch and I do try my best to at least watch this every year for my birthday. Though I won’t lie I’m starting to feel like I’ve been overdoing this since I been doing this for a while now. But I still have so much enjoyment rewatching this though since it’s rather an important film to me. Since this was the film to awaken my trans side of me while growing up and this is maybe the reason why I’m so wholesome. 

This is easily one of the most cinematic experiences about a young witch finding her place in the world while trying to find out about herself. It’s really explores the side of the world of how hard work really isn’t really appreciated by the common people and the depression workers feel about that. But then there are the moments where everything just works out perfectly there too. This is explored in a way that’s really well done and very well written there. 

What I really appreciate here is how this explores depression in a manner that feels super real. It doesn’t make it overdramatic but it also feels very real in the way it’s explored. I really respect it for this but it’s nice to see this directed well. 

Every frame of this movie is perfection. From the beautiful music all the way up to how the story is staged. Easily the best movie about young witches there that you could ask for. I wish more animated films were directed in this manner. 

The best birthday film to watch. It’s the perfect comfort film.

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