Finch ★★★

Apple TV is really proving itself as to why I shouldn’t be a subscriber to there service cause they provide really mid films that are just kinda soulless. I was actually excited to watch this because the concept of a robot and a dog getting along in a post apocalyptic setting sounds like a 5 star film but sadly it really isn’t anything special there. This was really a chore to sit through and toon me a whole to get through this. 

I really see a good short film because there are some cute ideas that would work as a 30 min thing. But as a feature length this really overstayed it’s welcome right at the 30 min mark and I was ready for it to be over. While it doesn’t do anything bad it just there isn’t enough of anything here to fully engage the audience members watching this. 

Watch this if your bored and have nothing else to watch on Apple TV.

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