Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

This is one of the rare times I watch a film and by the end of it I’m just speechless because it really did everything right at the end of the day. The way the story unfolds in a natural pace while giving all the necessary information every once in a while is just done so well here. I couldn’t find anything to really complain about because just about everything here is done so well. 

Sometimes you just get in your car and drive these endless roads of life. There are times when these roads end up being very exciting but there are times when things get dark or sad. Life a journey where sometimes things get mysterious and we end up imagining up things that work better for us at the end of the day. Life is like that but do be aware people do appreciate and even the smallest of action gets peoples attention there. 

I’m just shocked this used it’s 3 hour runtime and there never a moment that felt like filler or a moment that was wasted. The script is filled with incredible dialogue that makes you think about life while telling a story and developing these characters. Also this is a very quiet film and I loved the attention to detail for stuff like car sounds or the objects we hear in a daily basis. It’s amazing that something like this celebrates life while making you appreciate the little things there. 

I have to rewatch this but I think this might be my favorite film of 2021. Things like this are just amazing to watch and I’m glad I was excited to watch this because it lived up to my expectations and some more. 

Wanna drive my car~

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