Son of the White Mare

Son of the White Mare ★★★½

I would not have known about this film if not for the great Eyesore Cinema in Toronto allowing me to get rentals through the mail. I also had no idea what to expect from this 1981 Hungarian animated folk tale. I also admit this is not really in my wheelhouse, so take that into account when reading.

"Son of the White Mare" is a ever flowing super psychedelic reproductive organ obsessed animation. It follow the exploits of the third of the white mare, and how he takes back his fathers kingdom from the demons of hell. I admit I wasn't really into this film at the beginning. Mostly just for the story. I do really enjoy folktales but sometimes found myself wandering and getting lost in the flowing, and ever changing landscapes of shapes, and sound that is presented alongside the narrative, That being said, I did find myself utterly enthralled in this film for the same reasons. The shape, and design of the creatures, people, and especially the demons were amazing. I mean amazing in the way as I will not forget them. The twelve-headed city demon with a pixelated set of block mouths kind of blew my mind.

It's for the ever changing mind set, and landscape of this film, that I am a bit disappointed that I didn't enjoy it more. While it grew on me and I ended up really enjoying the later parts of the film. I can't look past the early parts. Now this is more about me, than the film or its bizarre story. Coming into something like this cold turkey may not be the best. More preparation would be needed. Since that is no longer an option I will probably take the time to watch at least once more take it all in again. It really is a hard movie to explain or dismiss. That alone is a reason to watch it. "Son of The White Mare" makes itself an easy talking piece with other viewers.

So, putting my own poorly reasoned issues aside I do feel like this is a bit of a must see. At least one viewing to get a glimpse of the unending color palette of the weird, beautiful and bizarre.

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