#1 Cheerleader Camp

#1 Cheerleader Camp ½

Looking back on the last week or so, I haven't seen many films I enjoyed. Still, out of all the bad, I can easily admit that this is one of the worst films I have ever seen...ever. Made by The Asylum, #1 Cheerleader Camp is a late-night cheerleading "comedy" about two college-aged guys who get to work at a cheer camp for the summer. Nudity and jokes of the lowest form commence!

I know that late-night comedies are not meant to be smart. We are supposed to laugh at fart jokes and bodily fluids, all the while ogling the bare breasts on screen. But, #1 Cheerleader Camp feels like it is one step below even that. It is the comedy equivalent of finding dog poop on the bottom of your shoe. Although, If you like the words "Three-way", "Spooge", and "Boobs" then this movie will tickle your fancy...wait that is too subtle for this, let me try again, This movie will jerk off your boob spooge in a three-way...

I honestly spent a lot of the run time playing a game on my laptop with this on in the background. I didn't miss anything. The two guys went from one cliche sex comedy trope to the next. They saw boobs and made fun of gay men while ogling two lesbians kissing. Then around the 5-minute mark, when they ran out of ideas, our two lead dicks went to the strip club to do it all again. They even went so far as to mix strippers with cheerleaders! I mean, what genius is this?

Ugh, I despise this film. Only you can prevent atrocities like this. Say no, to #1 Cheerleader Camp! This is one of the first movies for the Unwatchables list I am working on. It was an easy choice to add.

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