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  • The Boondock Saints
  • Meet Joe Black
  • The Prestige
  • Halloween

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  • X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes


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  • Mad God

    Mad God


    Like an I Spy book brought to life by Clive Barker, or Dante's Inferno by way of late 90's metal music videos. Nightmares of rust and fluid shamble and cavort their way through a narrative that is equal parts Kentaro Miura, and Syd Barrett's worst acid trips. Dark, dark fucking movie, I love it.

  • Identity



    What happens when you put two of my favorite subgenres, slasher thrillers and neo noir films, together? You get one rain soaked, character actor stuffed, Cusack and Liotta co-lead 90 minute thrill ride with solid kills, great twists and turns, and a killer fucking ending. My new favorite movie, this is going in my top hundred.

    Ray Liotta was one of the most effortlessly cool dudes out there, I'm gonna miss him.

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  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    You know what, fuck it, my birthday is in a few days, 2020 sucks, I'm a little tipsy. I officially declare an early beginning to spooky season.

    What else do you say about one of THE landmarks in horror cinema. There are always arguments about what movie demarcates the BEFORE and the AFTER. In my humble(who am I kidding, I'm a jagoff with a film blog) opinion, this is the movie that marks the line. 80's horror starts here. There…

  • Jason X

    Jason X


    So oddly enough, this is the first Friday movie I remember being aware of. Like, being a child of the 90's, I remember the references in pop culture to it, mainly National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and that one Boy Meets World episode, but I had never seen one advertised, that I can remember, until this one. A Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween were my first big slasher franchises, so yeah. But I remember seeing the ads for this and…