The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★★★

Sail away, sail away, sail away

Most of my all-time favourite films that I reserve 5 star ratings for are generally fun, fast paced films that leave a smile on my face, feeling stoked about life, and have immense rewatchablility. This is not one of those films. For that reason I struggled with it being a personal favourite, but I really do just love it.

This film is in the same catergory as Seven and Prisoners for me. Films that make me feel yuck inside, but also a little ashamed that I'm enjoying it so much. One shouldn't be smiling during these types of films, but I can't help it.

Potential flaws in this film that I simply don't care about:
-Inconsistency of accents. I'd rather Daniel Craig act well with a British accent than half-ass a Swedish one.
-Basic murder mystery. Films lose their mystery after the first watch anyway. It's the style I come back for. Case and point: Drive.
-Limited screen time between leads. When I look back on it, the two leads don't actually share a whole lot of scenes together. But that doesn't make their chemistry any less believable.
-Gore. We get some pretty gruesome descriptions of murders (the pigeon cleaving) but actually don't see much. As sick as it sounds, I'm kinda like, if we're already going to see rape we might as well see some gruesome deaths. But more left to the imagination I suppose.

But my goodness. What a gorgeous film. Cinematography is absolutely ace. The colour palette is gorgeous. Some shots have such an effective use of just blacks, whites, and greys that you could almost just as well shoot it in monochrome.
Daniel Craig has a fantastically subdued performance where I never confuse him for Bond. And Rooney Mara. Someone so committed to the role she still has her nipple piercings in, for the slim chance they do a sequel.

One thing that really stood out for me is the prominent theme of sexuality. Certain things just struck me as fascinating. Like, how Lisbeth is basically supposed to be physically detestable, but I (and possibly Mikael) find her crazy attractive. How violence is bad, and sex is good, but when you mix the two it can have permanent emotional consequence. How one can have one night stands, spontaneous flings, or affairs, but as soon as the will is taken away from them, it becomes the disgusting act of rape. It's an unusual feeling to be simultaneously aroused by someone as beautiful as Mara and the idea of her having sex, but being absolutely unsettled and disturbed as you watch it happen against her will. I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say or why I'm saying this but it was something that churned in my head through the film.

I'm almost afraid to watch the originals, knowing they probably won't match my love for this. It's tense, dark, eerie, disturbing, sexual, violent, stylish, beautiful, slick, and every bit deserving of a full trilogy. I love everything from the way Lisbeth says "hey hey" as she walks in the door, to the way Mikael yells "FUCK" as we he walks out. Just never mess with Lisbeth (as tempting as it may be).

"I've never done this before. There will be blood."

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