Arachnophobia ★★★★½

"Yeah, that's right... I'm bad!"

Arachnophobia is the worst film for people with arachnophobia, which made this film even more terrifying.

My own personal arachnophobia isn't that bad, I can kill them (especially Frostbite Spiders boiiii) but the massive ones in Australia like the Huntsman and the Trapdoor Spiders really scare me.

This film was just terrifying because it exploited the fear and added family friendly '90's humour to it, which lessened the sting of the fear (pun intended).

Jeff Daniels is exceptional as the protagonist ridden with a bad case of arachnophobia, and John Goodman is absolutely hysterical as the insect exterminator, which is equally hilarious '90's theme song.

Everybody should go watch this, even if you are terrified of spiders- it just heightens the experience.

Also, fun fact: Jamie Hyneman from the Mythbusters worked on the spiders in this film!

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