Suspiria ★★★★½

Suspiria is a loud movie, in its blaring, repetitive music and also its bright, bold colours that shine across the rainbow. Dario Argento's films always feel a little slapdash, but the fact that he makes his sleaze look beautiful is what separates him from the rest. Suspiria is a film built on a few horror kills with a plot forced around them, but Argento has such a way with the camera that the story matters not. Many of the most stylish shots of the 1970s, dripping in colour like a fresh painting, come from Suspiria. It is horror executed with wonder. Flaws becomes strengths here, as the simple and messy plotting becomes a disorientating kaleidoscope of mood. Suspiria has a fairy tale quality that so often lacks in these Italian horror films. Here is something so unreal, so embracing of the weird. It's truly a masterpiece, made without subtly, but broadcasting its perverse entertainment in the most wonderfully inventive way.

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