I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★

Unbearably proud of its shallowness, I Care a Lot is a rotten film. It is just awful people being awful for two hours. It's not funny, it's not deep, it's not even that thrilling. I don't require films to feature good characters, in fact American cinema has made some masterpieces that centre on nothing but terrible characters (I have only glowing words for films like Uncut Gems, Gone Girl, and American Psycho). However I Care a Lot is such a cynical and cheap knock-off of genuine satires on immoral capitalism. It has none of the intelligence, just patronising voiceovers and stupid allusions to the American Dream. The final voiceover is one of the dumbest faux-edgy monologues I've ever heard.

I Care a Lot is just unpleasant to watch. The lead is a disgusting person, and the film is neither funny enough nor witty enough to justify spending time with her. The distinction between the protagonists and antagonists in I Care a Lot is that the protagonists force innocent people out of their homes and make them suffer alone, without agency, until they die, whilst the antagonists murder people in cold blood. By the end, there is *literally* no distinction between them. So what is the fucking point of watching this film? It's just relentlessly vile, without taking a single second to even consider its own vileness. Our villainous heroine is presented in some kind of feminist, girl-boss context, as if monetising the rot of late stage capitalism is admirable when a woman does it. It makes me sick to realise the world is so disgusting, but I Care a Lot just wants to bathe in this filth for some reason. It's too shallow and obsessed with style to really be a critique, so ultimately I Care a Lot is just two hours of mind-numbing awfulness that passes no worthwhile comment on anything.

At least Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage give pretty good performances I guess.

Also, can we set our edgy feminist genre films at a higher standard than this film, Promising Young Woman, and Birds of Prey please. 2020 squandered a lot of potential here.

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