American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★½

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1999 - 2000 really were a time where American cinema went hard railing against consumerism. Fight Club, American Beauty, and American Psycho all tackled this idea masterfully. American Psycho is the most heartless of all three, with its satire as dark as possible. It has no qualms about the psychopathic leanings of yuppie culture, of a culture built on greed and disgust. The lives are vapid and the biggest fears materialistic. Everything is about how it appears, not the heart and soul within. Faces are friendly, but with nothing behind the eyes. It's a sterile world, one without feeling. But society values that kind of mindset. There's a reason Patrick Bateman is just one in a crowd and easily mistaken, because there's an entire slice of the world who share his obsessions even if they aren't so literal about it. Bateman is after control and places the self above all, best shown here during the sex scenes. The film also gloriously revels in the blood and murder, making transgressions ridiculous and emphasising the satire. However eventually such a shallow world breaks you down. By the end the world is seen thoroughly as inescapable and pointless. Confessions are meaningless, because this world is about selfishness and indifference towards others. Kill the weak if you want, have no regrets. This is the ultimate tribute to Ronald Reagan.

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