Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★½

I went for a Raimi movie, and thank God I got a raimi movie. It's wonderful, nothing fantastic. But really quite good

Saw it as my first 4DX experience and an experience it was. 3D was really great and I just had fun with it.

Now as a movie, I like multiverse of madness. Didn't love it like I hoped I would but I do like it. It is without question a Sam Raimi movie and that is the best part. His direction is flawless, the editing is in my opinion the best in an MCU project in years, and on the second viewing Raimi managed the break neck pace of this movie wonderfully.

My issues only really lie with the films ending which I'm not gonna get into and frankly... THAT scene. If you've seen the movie yk exactly what I'm talking about. And yeah it was cool, but as I thought about it I came to the conclusion that it was completely unnecessary and added literally nothing. Theres so much that happens yet also isn't resolved in that scene. It feels like a studio addition rather than a Raimi addition. But yeah, I like the movie. Better than the first imo

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