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  • The Shining
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  • Die Hard
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  • No Regrets for Our Youth


  • Belfast


  • The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail


  • Sanshiro Sugata Part Two


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  • No Regrets for Our Youth

    No Regrets for Our Youth


    Another early Kurosawa work that just didnt click with me and I was rather bored during some slow sequances where I was checking once again when film will end .
    I mean film isnt horrible and it has some good quality in it but I wasnt able to connect myself either with story or characters .
    Pacing was only good solid in first act and back then I was still invested but second and third act just had very little…

  • Belfast



    Belfast is one good and solid work from Branagh and it containes type of story that is little releatable to me but also distant which give a weird feeling while watching it .
    Use of black and white colors here was ok touch but I didnt feel like it was completly neceserey and like it was done just for sake of artsy feeling .
    Acting was good and kid actor surprised me in couple of scenes with his range of…

Popular reviews

  • The Most Beautiful

    The Most Beautiful


    The Most Beautiful ....
    More like The Most Boring .
    But now seriously this film was very boring to me and I just waited when it will just end .
    Story and its themes didnt interest me and they had some weird messages where they praise Japanese Empire during WW 2 which isnt so surprising since it was made during that times .
    Characters were also bland and I didnt connect with none of them and I was even annoyed…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    The Power of The Dog is one fine and ok film but I expected something more from it ,maybe cause some people praised this film and said how Benedict could be nominated but after watching I doubt it .
    I mean he was good but nothing spectacular as Smith in King Richard or Garfield in Tick ,Tick Boom and he also had better acting roles through rest of his carrere .
    Story was fine but tiny bit boring to me…