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  • The Shining
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  • Die Hard
  • Prisoners

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  • B


    If you have a chance what new additions you would add to letterboxd so you would love app even more .

  • The Elevator

    The Elevator

    Actually funny short that uses simple but nice humor .
    Some moments even surprised me .
    Nice work

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  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    Booksmart was for me one good and fun coming of age movie so I was hoping that Olivia will make another fun film despite some bad reviews .
    But in the end I must admit how Dont Worry Darling is movie with ok ideas but with mediocore execution and very weak and stupid ending .
    Acting was fine but Pugh was only great here .
    This is one below average work which is shame .

  • The King's Man

    The King's Man


    If only this movie decided to focus entire story on plot with Rasputin and ignore everything else cause then entire movie would be as fun as first act was .
    But unfortunetly we got interduced to characters that are just boring and a villain that just feels forgettable and cliche as hell .
    Even fight scenes arent so fresh or as good as in first two movies but if you put your mind on ease you may enjoy them.