• Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    i really don’t want to overplay this hand, but man.. i am actually still laughing about one scene that you can kinda see coming, but honestly saved the whole thing for me.

    having 5 different types of spooky lighting really shows how harsh and ugly iphone lighting is, but it lends itself well to the whole gen z aesthetic.

    rachel sennott bodied bodied bodied it.

  • Cruella


    me watching emma stone with split black and white hair and a british accent: i’m totally fine if this awakens something in me

  • Exiled



    some darn good shootin’ in this deceivingly heartfelt gang drama. life is just about hanging out with your bros. even if your bros show up to kill you.

  • Prey



    shit rocked. would have played really cool on the big screen. i don’t have much nostalgia for the first one, but popular opinion being that it’s the best/most fun since, it being on fucking hulu sucks.

    great dog. great native american phoebe bridgers. great, gnarly predator face.

    it might not be a ~cool~ take, but 10 cloverfield lane got me so hyped for dan trachtenberg and i can’t believe this is his first feature since. pretty much worth the wait.

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    about as entertaining as one of the many mid-2000s snatch ripoffs can get. liked seeing what happened to brad’s floyd after he got off the couch.

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero


    i once lied and said i’d seen the seventh seal because i’d seen this so many times.

    this is the first time i found it a little annoying, but it’s mostly just austin o’brien’s ‘aw shucks/smart kid’ acting. he’s so annoying in fact, he makes me believe a 12 year old really could like amadeus. still rules otherwise. it doesn’t care how stupid it is, goes real hard on the meta stuff and the cameos are so dumb they’re funny. can’t tell who it’s for though. i guess me?

  • This Much I Know to Be True

    This Much I Know to Be True


    man, am i glad that nick cave (in the words of his son, earl) stopped being a “fucking pussy” and got up for another take of balcony man. if you don’t find nick showing off his ceramic art of the story of the devil a charming enough reason to watch this, i promise it’s worth it for that performance.

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    yeeeah, fuck that plane.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    i remember that night better than i do entire years.

  • Body Heat

    Body Heat


    ted dancin’

    i can relate. i’ve made many of the same mistakes william hurt made in this sultry sauna of a movie. i’ve gone for a run during a florida heat wave. i’ve fallen for the wrong girl. mostly everything except for killing my lover’s husband. that’s just stupid.

  • Sicario



    guys, that shot of the tunnel team’s silhouettes walking into the last minutes of the sunset- i’m just gonna say it; it bums me out that roger deakins will inevitably retire.

    finally hit(man) the way i’ve always wanted it to.

    the absolute balls on this movie to go that visceral in the first 5 minutes and then basically slam on the breaks- the lion’s share of the violence in this very violent movie is all off screen- and i finally love it for that and not just because del toro scares me.

  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep


    oliver assayas remaking his own meta movie that’s kind of about making a remake just for the sake of making it is incredible. the irl cat burgling scene and the editing on the last dailies are both so rad.