Spencer ½

Lemme just preface and say that I don’t write full reviews. I’m not a critic and I don’t have snooty movie opinions all the time. Ok now that that’s been understood let’s get to it. 

This film was very nice to look at the cinematography was great, the lighting really worked, the costumes were very accurate. Everything technical worked what didn’t was literally everything else. 

I like everyone -knows the story of Diana. They know of her intimate details (her hardship with bulimia, self harm, and public perception) and her marriage to Charles etc. but I’ve never seen it be so soulless, so callous, and relentlessly uncomfortable to watch. This movie feels like Pablo tried to make Midsommar with royals, Suspria but with corgis and a crown. 

From its absolute batshit concepts and eye rolling symbolism I just found myself in a tense and disgusted mood for most of it. Kristen broke her pearl necklace more than Batman’s mother and we get it Diana felt suffocated in her position BUT she was Lady that was born into aristocracy and knew what the life of being a Royal or adjacent was. My issue is her humanity, her empathy, her tenacity was lost on me. This Diana wanted to give up and sure it may have ended like a lot of Diana media likes to portray smiling with her boys with the top down going to do normal things but it felt hallow. 

I could perfectly understand the need to show her darkness; it’s part of her that still compels the masses and is even more relevant with every year since her unfortunate passing but this was just gratuitous for the sake of pretentiousness and it’s a shame that I’m writing this about a movie about a woman that was a human rights champion. Maybe my nose isn’t as high in the air as it should be to enjoy this but this has to be the worst movie I’ve seen this year. But great gowns…..beautiful gowns. Anne Boleyn weeps….(side note why couldn’t Pablo call Natalie to reprise her role in the Other Boleyn Girl?)

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