Scream ★★★★

Jumping the bandwagon of fans going back to these in prep for 5 (oh, sorry, "Scream.") Though, I bet I'm the only one who's also adding Party of Five, and going to sleep to Friends during this hype train.

First rewatch of the year too.

I dig movies (clearly,) and am pretty into trivia on the subject. But I have the distinct feeling if I was ever terrorized by a Ghostface that I'd fumble a simple question as hard as Barrymore does here with F13.

While a tad overrated (no one seems to point out or care about the flaws, but they all seem to in the sequels,) out of Wes' two beloved properties of suspense, this over Elm Street any day (or night.) And I don't even hate that!

Fave gag is and seemingly always will be the Fonz as the school principal.

Oh, and if anyone (who doesn't know me) is wondering; What’s my favorite scary movie? Psycho.

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