Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Looks like putting on all that Murder, She Wrote recently in anticipation of Glass Onion really paid off.

Sure, I could still use a lot more Benoit Blanc (and I hope Daniel Craig's given more time front and center in his latest, and any more upcoming cases.) But, it also seems incredibly stupid to complain at something that gives so much, and where there's nary a weak link amongst the ensemble. It was easily the most I've enjoyed this since being pleasantly surprised by it at the movies.

Happened to revisit on Jamie Lee Curtis' birthday. After I and my brother have seen Knives Out 2 tomorrow he's going to see Halloween Ends one last time at the cinemas as well. I'd join him again too, as I do really dig it. But, it just felt so fitting to see it last this past Oct. 31st. Can't see me watching any Halloweens out of season, unless I'm gifted with them for my birthday, in February. Or, if y'know a pandemically forced lockdown forces the delay of a release.

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