Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

Naturally becomes clearer on repeat. There was still one section that exhausted me, otherwise, it was mostly, smooth sailing along the way. Am virtually down with the resolution now, and I'm not so mixed about Janelle Monae anymore. Though Kate Hudson weirdly didn't entertain me as much. But Edward Norton did. Even more than he already had.

Still, out of everything that I dig about this, arguably my favorite thing may just be how much it's really brought to my attention the Beatles tune it shares a title with. What Running Up that Hill did for many, this did for me. I listened to it on a loop to and from the theatre. After already playing it a lot this past week.

Final day in cinemas happened to coincide with Jackie Hoffman’s birthday. She appeared as Dave Bautista’s Mom. And gifted me with the first genuine laugh too. Though, if Netflix kept it at the movies (as they really should,) it could have been seen on Janelle Monae's special day, this coming Dec. 1st!

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