• R.I.P.D.


    Cool idea but not so great execution of said idea.

  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

    Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

    The stuff you find on Letterboxd huh?

    Before the marvel crossovers and the countless other attempts to make crossover universes, I think the closest we were going to get were the random television crossover events. When I was younger, one of those events was when Nick put one show about magic and one about science together in a one hour event. Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron were among the shows around the early 2000s that were just as big…

  • The Wild

    The Wild

    It's bad enough that Disney would rip off themselves from time to time, but before that they decide to rip off Madagascar with their own version of a similar idea. The only weird thing is its like Madagascar with plot mixed with the Lion King with the lion leads. So by that logic, there's no way to tell what this film was supposed to be exactly.

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    There’s probably a lot of people that have their opinion on what’s the best Quinten Tarantino movie. But I think most can agree that Pulp Fiction is his best movie, as well as one of the best movies ever made. But for a film that I know the most important and quotable scenes, have I seen it all the way through? Beforehand no but now I have.

    Pulp Fiction is Quiten’s second film after Resivor dogs and this film shows…

  • Osmosis Jones

    Osmosis Jones

    It's crazy to think that the Farley Brothers came up with this idea before Disney improved on it with Inside out. But just because they came up with the idea first, does it make it good? No, it's an animated buddy cop comedy inside the human body with a combination of gross out and terrible jokes.

    The one thing I will cut some slack for is David Hyde Pierce as the pill. After watching Frasier its funny to hear Niles' voice coming out of an animated character

  • South Park: Imaginationland

    South Park: Imaginationland

    Didn't think a South Park special trilogy of episodes would appear on Letterboxd but the more you know. Wouldn't that mean ever South Park trilogy should be on here like Black Friday or Coon and Friends?

    Pretty standard formula for South Park but the concept alone is hilarious. At first you think it's about the boys going to Imagination land, a place where your imagination comes to life. It quickly goes off the rails with terrorists, a war between bad…

  • The Meg

    The Meg

    This is just one long Hollywood budget version of a SYFY movie. TELL ME I'M WRONG!!

  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory

    I'll admit, a sequel to Finding Nemo was never on my radar but I have to give it to Pixar, they made a good sequel to this idea. Instead of Nemo getting lost, it's Dory getting taken by an aquarium and Nemo and his Dad trying to find her. During this journey, we see Dory encounter new and old characters of the past, while also trying to remember what happened to her parents. The film has the laughs, the charm…

  • 30 Minutes or Less

    30 Minutes or Less

    Good, but should have been at least a half hour more. You could have milked so much out of an idea like this.

  • Don't


    I know this is just a fake trailer including in Grindhouse but a part of me wants to see what kind of horror film this would be. I would love to hear Will Arnett saying don’t the entire film.

  • Independence Day: Resurgence

    Independence Day: Resurgence

    This sequel definitely felt it was made 20 years after the first. Usually a sequel outdoes the first one especially if there’s advancements in effects, but somehow it doesn’t fulfill the job well. The aliens once again are just destroyers only now it’s like most disaster movies. Most of the main cast returns for this film aside from Will Smith and even then a few of them die or look like they will die. But it’s okay about Will because…

  • The Lorax

    The Lorax

    Out of all the Dr. Seuss film adaptations, this one feels like its message is almost completely blinded. It has elements of the original book but adds too much extra elements only to increase the runtime. It adds a main story with Zac Effron and Taylor Swift playing characters who clearly look young going up against an evil business man who wants to sell fresh air to people. Ed Helms plays the main character of the book but his character…